Trial Monitoring & Reporting

Your eyes and ears in the court room

NJ Accurate Trial Monitoring

“Accurate has undoubtedly saved us millions of dollars over the past few years.” This is how we were recently introduced during a meeting with a national carrier.

We consistently meet and surpass expectations with each assignment.

From pre-trial motions and voir dire through the verdict, Accurate can place a monitor in the courtroom to observe all proceedings.

Reporting includes detailed summaries of opening statements, all testimony and summations, with unbiased feedback as to the effectiveness of how each party’s case is being received by the jurors.

This independent analysis includes the effectiveness and credibility of the plaintiff and each witness, as well as jury reaction and evaluation of each attorney. Readers of our reports often describe that it feels that they are sitting in the courtroom themselves.

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Defense counsel often cannot adequately give the detailed information needed during trial as their attention is on trying the case. Our monitors act as a silent observer and non-deliberating juror, providing the client the peace of mind of having impartial oversight in the courtroom.

“The best trial reporting I’ve ever read. My team will only be using Accurate for future for trial monitoring.”

– Litigation Supervisor, Northeast Region.

Our reports will be in the examiner’s email inbox each morning following the day’s proceeding — and often on the same evening. We are frequently asked to copy excess carriers on high-exposure matters. Instant information is often transmitted via email or text from the courtroom when needed.

Accurate has monitored a large range of trials, from complex, multi-defendant construction, commercial trucking and property cases, to slip and fall cases and auto accidents.

Our monitors have recently reported on trials in Seattle, Denver, Boston, El Paso, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, Buffalo, Chicago. Philadelphia, as well as all five boroughs of New York City and throughout New Jersey. From a one-room county courthouse, to the largest urban venue, Accurate provides a cost-effective way to stay informed.

“Accurate is our go-to team when my unit needs a monitor.”

–  Client Manager, Mid-Atlantic states

Whether the case settles during trial or a verdict is returned, Accurate will conduct post-litigation interviews of the jurors, gauging their opinions of experts, witnesses, evidence, and counsel. This is valuable insight for future matters.

To receive a sample trial monitoring report or to discuss an upcoming trial,  contact us.