Accurate Investigations Service

NJ Accurate provides mediation services

Founded by litigation examiners, Accurate understands that every case has the potential to be litigated. It is with this insight that our investigations are conducted. Witness statements, photo inspections, and accident-scene canvassing are performed knowing every piece of evidence could eventually see a courtroom.


A Full-Service Investigation Company

Accurate Investigations Svc LLC is a full-service investigation company established in 1996. In the past two-plus decades we have successfully handled more than 10,000 assignments, from first notice claims to complex litigation matters. Whether your assignment calls for a simple witness statement or a difficult locate, Accurate has the experience to quickly produce the results you need.

In the past ten years, Accurate has offered civil-trial monitoring and reporting throughout the United States. Our team of attorneys and former claims examiners provide detailed daily reports and the real-time insight needed to effectively evaluate a suit before a verdict.

We understand that our field workers represent your company when handling your assignment.

We promise:

  • Immediate acknowledgement of assignment
  • Prompt reporting
  • Honest billing
  • The highest integrity
  • Industry-leading service
  • Full confidentiality
  • Encrypted, secure file retention